Shea Butter from Otuke District
Sponsored by IUCN

Key Activities

Market Linkages

& Product Development

With support by IUCN , FHL supported the building of the capacity of Shea producing groups in Arwotngo and Alolololo parishes to further develop the Shea value chain and access market opportunities. 300 family households were trained and 3 products developed ( Shea Cooking Oil, Shea Cooking Fat, and Shea Body Cream).

Out of the 300 members from both districts, the team trained 49 individuals in Shea nut production standards and quality management. The training of 4 days and with practical production.

Supported the formation and registration of three primary society organisations in production and marketing of Shea products.

Organizes the regulations (by laws, financial reports, membership profiles, shares and minutes of the meetings.

We were enable to obtain the certificates of incorporation within 4 months.