Community Health Response

Health is a basic human right. FIT Humanity wants to ensure that everybody has access to quality health care. Especially women and youth and individuals with means but disadvantaged with age or disabilities.  We would like to work with established structure to provide first care and then referral services to registered and non-registered users. We are committed to increase access to sexual and reproductive health services for the Youth and Vulnerable people, like HIV-affected persons. We would like support more affordable health care services through DOCTOR ON CALL and other emergency services. We address individual, household health response and tracing of the infected people and contact identification and support to the families associated or disable by the health situations

The Right to Health Services Applies to All Humanity

See what WE DO and We Strive To Achievement
  • Public Health Response & interventions

Health crises and epidemics occur frequently in low income communities and countries.  FIT Humanity supports robust health systems by training health works, provision of basic health services, supporting the tracing of contacts and surveillance, pickup and outbreak prevention. 

  • Public Health Awareness & Education

Communities in lower income area may not be in position to receive information about certain conditions. FHL provides mediums for dissemination, broadcasting, training and using ICT Devices and other informative platforms such as MMS, USSD, SMS TEXT or VOICE, Toll-free call services and Mobile app data collection and information dissemination.

  • Data-driven decisions Support Services

With direct support from FIT Insights – Data & Information Services we support data-driven collection using mobile devices to contribute to transparency and accountability. Data analysis allows for visibility in contact tracing, supporting of patient identification, deployment of several services. Generating of the database that can offer constant monitoring of projects, flexibility and more cost-effective and strategic allocation of resources. Strengthened data analytics informs better policies and practices leading to improved availability, accessibility, and quality health services, of which our partners and the population served stand to benefit.

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

FIT Humanity supports the empowerment of young women and men, regardless of gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation, to make lifesaving choices related to their own Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).  We facilitate the provision and access to the SRHR services, contraceptives, and medicines;  providing life skills, gender & sexuality education for young people and complimenting government initiatives;