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Areas of intervention and possible partners:

Become an Invisible Angel to a child : A number of children will be blessed if we choose to help by giving at least 3800 dollars a year to sponsor a child for education through primary to secondary level. Becoming an invisible Angel you enabling and rewarding yourself for the better and self growth through sharing.

Become an Institutional Benefactor (sponor): 

A number of schools would like to join the education program for shared infrastructure but lack the means due to the conflicting needs and limited resources to operate the schools. 80% in rural area cannot effort good and qualified  teachers in niceness subjects which makes it difficult for them to offer quality education. We can support and motive good teachers to support and work with  number of schools with limited aid to the school and our teacher –welfare fund

Teacher Welfare Fund

This is only available in the institutional supported by FHL , it includes a personal saving,medical redeemable vouchers and family holiday redeemable food vouchers.  You can support the scheme by giving seed start grant per school.

Equipment and Technology grants    

Connecting rural schools to our e-educational grid requires us to equip the schools with basic internet connection, devices like screens, tablets, and VOIP units to support communication with the central education central.  This comes with a monthly run off fee and content publication and user fees per month or per lesson.