FIT Humanity works to eliminate the continuous lack of the humanity essentials and basic to living within societies with limited potential. The Humanity programs are undertaken with communities with fragile and less hopeful and yet with promising future in Uganda and Africa at large.

We work with communities to create channels for access to essential services for a holistic human development while creating opportunities for future inclusive social and economic development of individuals and societies.  Our programs are aimed at building trust, hope and love with appropriate care for personalities, cultures, climate and environment.

Our teams provide services and humanitarian assistance while creating opportunities to improve  access to Education Services ( system development,  scholastic materials and sponsorship); Community health Response ( Public Health Awareness, Networked Health Care Response and Emergency Health Services);  Social and Economic Engagement ( Community integrated business models & Capacity building); Youth in Transit Services (Mentor ship, Skill Exchange and Enhancement).


We are supported mainly by donation from Individuals (private donors) worldwide, FIT Insights Group of Companies, and work with grants from Food and Agricultural Organizations and IUCN.

The major challenges with this area of our work, is the ability for the individuals and communities to exit poverty with hope of self-sustainability. The attitude and mindset are critical in the transformation. We need to restore hope and social cohesion at the community level, trust for government structures and build services that add value to the aggregating organizations.

We seek you support in fighting and changing the current situation into opportunities for the communities. We seek to mobilize global networks, resources and knowledge. By doing this, we help community move beyond position of being; to survival and then sustained living.