We focus our efforts target area that some time our peri- urban, rural and unplanned cities areas with services that may not reach out the vulnerable communities. We do this by promoting equality and social inclusion, by increasing the resilience of humanities by consolidating the social networks among citizens, private sector and public sector actors.

By linking Communities to Appropriate Education Services
Where possible we work and combine with other organizations to support education of individuals from primary, secondary, formal and non-vocational studies and universities. In other cases we provide system improvement and strengthening using ICTs to lower the cost of delivery. 

By linking Communities to Health Services

FIT Humanity is a proud to be associated with the “Doctor on Call service” that allows doctors within a community to register and then get to supported community  outreach programs to individuals in their household. This service offers medical inquires, home care, case by case management, rapid response and emergency pick-ups.

By linking Communities to Social & Economic Activities Aggregating Humanities and their households into productivity communities that can economically produce add value and sell produce as organized primary societies or marketing cooperatives