Client SupportedDescription of Activities Completed
IUCNFHL has worked with communities of Otuke and Alobteng to organised them into Shea producer and marketing societies. 300 farmers (male and women) were supported in climate protection of the Shea tree and turning farming of the trees seeds into value through Agri -processing and market the bi -product beyond the district.  Three primary societies were set up and currently their are producing Shea butter and Shea oil for sale .
Market Information Services (Since 2008)Infotrade: Connecting services to the farmers and traders is a proven methodology for delivery of market information, production data collection and facilitation of trade using payment solutions.  The service provides linkages to MIS, Agricultural Insurance, Farm inputs, credit services, payment solutions and sustainable markets to farmers and traders. The aim is to reach out to over 1,200,000 with a variety of services via different media channels, offering tailored BDS using evidenced.  
 Supporting Agri-Business Growth and Development through enhanced Marketing Systems and Value Addition – FAO/TCP/UGA/3601”.FHL provided Market and Climate Information Services and built capacity of value chain actors for personal Farm Record Management in the districts of Kabale and Bugiri. This project serviced a total of 1300 people.                                           
 FHL had access to market information of market prices from 25 markets covering 27 commodities.  This was distributed to 27 farmer groups using SMS TEXT on mobile phones. This informaiton increase market knowledge, promoted production with eye to the market expectation through price trends.