Social and Economic Empowerment

Community Training and Awareness on Producer and Marketing Primary Societies in Otuke District

Through Community Development Programs, FHL supports those in the individual or groups that are organized in target areas to attain decent work and livelihoods. Our programs provide communities with the means to move from a give state and condition of life to survival and wellbeing. These are aimed at poverty reduction through economic empowerment, job creation and the fostering of inclusive economic growth.

As communities develop and growth in the different services offered FHL, their demonstrate peace, love and hope as their learn to share skills and knowledge. We integrate communities and build social cohesion and trust, and to reintegrate displaced persons or disadvantaged by the situations.

In generating economic opportunities, FHL  eases the socioeconomic pressures of migration, empowers and includes the marginalized, and provides everyday people with a sense of purpose, hope for a brighter future and the potential to fulfill their dreams. This is done so while considering the unique challenges different groups, such as female entrepreneurs, may face. This allows for context-specific support in setting-up and growing their businesses.


Through collaboration with the private sector, development partners and government we are able to bring services closer to people and also change the perception to economic and social issues. We run several programs as part of our Private Sector Development efforts.”

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