Social and Economic Empowerment

Organized Small groups of the farmers and Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), can contribute to equitable economic growth and job creation for people in the rural communities.  FHL is business Development efforts aim to address access to the sustainable market opportunities for the productive sectors

We run several programs as part of our business development programs.

  • Support the organization of the farmers and traders in becoming commercial / trading societies to enable economic development of the areas of productivity.
  • Undertaking of baseline studies aimed at mapping and plotting of the agribusiness and value chains establish margins of growth and intervention pressure points.
  • Development of Electronic, real-time database that support data catch, analysis, monitoring and reporting to all stakeholders
  • Delivery of Market Information Services to the target districts to promote awareness and knowledge of market requirement.
  • Support the development of local content per value chain to promote production, quality of produce, marketing and income growth per household
  • Market Linkages and Business creation for the selected high value commodities in the region
  • Financial linkages and payments services and solutions for communities
  • Support to development of digitized Saving and loan solutions.
Shea Butter Products ( Oil, Shea Fat, Shea Body Cream)

Product Development & Branding

Market opportunities with value added product development create future value for sustainable development of societies if we work with groups to build their governance and leadership of the intervention so started.